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PhysioAvantex Downtown

What we offer

Vestibular Rehabilitation


Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise-based therapy for treating dizziness, vertigo and balance problems primarily caused by disorders of the inner ear. Some examples of diagnoses that may improve with vestibular physiotherapy are BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, commonly referred to as “crystals in the ears”), vestibular neuritis, and vestibular migraine.

Are you feeling dizzy, off-balance or experiencing spinning sensations when you look up or roll over in bed? Have you been diagnosed with a vestibular problem and want to start taking control? Come and see one of our trained professionals today.


Concussion Rehabilitation


Concussion is a traumatic brain injury causing temporary neurological signs and symptoms such as loss of consciousness, amnesia, confusion and poor balance. Concussion can be  caused by a direct blow to the head, or during a quick acceleration/deceleration such as during a whiplash. Proper management within the first hours and days following a concussion is essential to encouraging quick and full recovery.

Do you think you have a concussion and aren’t sure what to do? Have you been told to sit in a dark room until you feel better, but its been 3 days and nothing has changed? Come and see one of the expert team members at Physiothérapie Avantex for proper guidance through your recovery.


Post-concussion Syndrome


Post-concussion Syndrome happens when a person who has had a concussion is experiencing symptoms longer than usual. While most adults with concussion will feel back to normal within about 2 weeks, and children within 4 weeks, for some, symptoms such as headache, dizziness, visual complaints and neck pain can persist several weeks after injury and beyond. Team members at Physiothérapie Avantex are experts in concussion care. Through a careful physical evaluation and analysis of your symptoms, we will be able to identify the probable source of your symptoms and propose a plan to help you get back to normal. We work with a select network of complementary professionals to ensure that any problems beyond the scope of physiotherapy treatment are addressed in a timely manner.

Have you had a concussion and are still having symptoms after 2-3 weeks? Have you been given the old advice to wait it out, or sit in the dark until you start to feel better? Are you looking for a second opinion, and truly evidence-based care? There is always something that we can do to improve post-concussion symptoms, and the physiotherapists at Physiothérapie Avantex can be your guides.


Orthopedic Physiotherapy


Orthopedic physiotherapy is for anyone who has a problem relating to muscles, tendons, bones and their associated nerves. Each team member at Physiothérapie Avantex has several years of experience working in the sports medicine domain. Our team has done extensive training in the field of orthopedic manipulative therapy, and worked with athletes of all levels. We are experts at managing sport-related injuries, as well as complex or challenging cases of back pain, neck pain and headache.

Have you injured yourself at the gym or on the playing field and want an experienced physio to help you get back in the game? Are you having another episode of neck or low back pain and want more than just a heat pack to manage? Have you tried physio before and are looking for a more advanced approach this time around? Make an appointment with one of the trained professionals at Physiothérapie Avantex to help you take control of your pain and get back on your feet.


Pediatric Physiotherapy


Pediatric physiotherapy is physiotherapy treatment for children throughout their development from birth onwards. Pediatric physiotherapy is often a combination of specific exercises and education for the child’s caregiver. Some common conditions that pediatric physiotherapy is effective for are torticollis (infant wry neck), plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome), hypotonia, and developmental delay.

Has your infant been referred to physiotherapy and you aren’t sure where to go? Are you concerned that your child isn’t reaching their motor milestones on time? Do you think your baby might be developing a flat spot on their head? Come and have your baby assessed by physiotherapists who are trained and experienced in treating infants and toddlers. Physio Avantex can offer an active solution that can help your child thrive.


Home Physiotherapy


If you are unable to come to the clinic for treatment or if for any reason you prefer to be seen in the comfort of your own home, our physiotherapists can come to you.


Whether you need physio for general mobility and conditioning, fall prevention, to get back on your feet after a surgery or hospitalization, or for any other reason, our experienced team members can help you. We bring all the necessary equipment, and take all necessary precautions in order to be able to treat you safely from the comfort of your own home.

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